The Power of Packaging and Customer Perception

August 13, 2014

Whilst sipping my cup of tea and chewing over a few biscuits this morning, I came across an article which outlined some reasons why packaging can increase sales (You can find it here). Although I completely agree with some of the statements made about emotional response and customer interest, one of the points that wasn’t covered very well was the impact of customer perception. If a brand sells luxury products, it needs to reflect this in its packaging and personality, and most customers will notice this and form their own impression of ┬áthe brand and it’s quality. However, their are instances where businesses use packaging as a way to deceive potential customers and get them to believe that something is of higher quality than it is. This is where the power of packaging comes in. If a design can lead a customer to believe that their products are of a better standard than that of a cheaper, less interestingly packaged product, then design can, and really does alter customer perception for the good or the bad.